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At PaperDon, we have put in place a two-way rating system to enhance meaningful competition.

Writer ratings

When a writer accepts a project, we expect them to write to the best of their abilities. But most importantly, we expect the writer to deliver a paper that impresses the client.

This is why we encourage clients to rate writers. By rating our writers, you’re not just highlighting the writer’s strengths or weaknesses, but you’re actually helping other clients to make better decisions when hiring. Moreover, ratings will tell the writer how they are perceived by clients and encourage them to work harder to become better authors.

PaperDon employs a star rating system. For any completed project, the writer can get up to five stars and a minimum of one star. A five-star award shows that the client was 100% satisfied while a one-star award shows that the client wasn’t impressed at all.

These ratings will be displayed in the writer’s profile alongside the number of projects completed.

Client ratings

To ensure balance and further motivate our writers, we also allow the writers to rate clients. Similar to the writer-rating system, clients can earn between one and five stars for every project the writer delivers. If the writer enjoys working for the client, they will award five stars; otherwise, they will award the client only one star.

These ratings help writers when selecting clients to work with. Clients who maintain very high ratings attract most writers while those with the lowest ratings may not attract too many writers.

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Prof. Amanda

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